Russell Clark, Director

Russell has worked within the computer industry for over 20 years. Having been an integral part of the purchasing, sales and merchandise divisions in his previous roles, Russell went on to form his own business in computer distribution in 2000, overseeing and building the various departments within the company. Russell now heads up Purchasing & Sales within Reuse Technology Group.

Darrel Arjoon, Director

Darrel has over 10 years experience in the IT Asset Recovery and Disposal sector (ITAD). He specialises in supporting corporates and SME’s alike helping them to develop their policies and processes to ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements when managing their retried ICT assets.

Over the pass five years Darrel has built a reputation for successfully integrating inventory and accounting software technology with business processes within the ITAD sector to deliver a circular economy model for his clients.

A key component of this work is helping clients, the ITAD sector and policy makers to understand the value in shifting from a waste to resource perspective when dealing with retired ICT, integrating environmental regulations into this model and supporting a stronger collaborative partnership between data controller and processors. He is also the technical lead for an EU Horizon2020 Waste1 bid – DigiSymbiosis and works in an advisory capacity to organisations such as WRAP and the Environmental Agency.

Darrel is a certified ADISA practitioner and member of ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) and sits on the ADISA advisory council.

Jake Jacobson – Sales Manager
William Chapman – Online Sales
Hakim Mahmoud – Technical Lead DATA Erasure CESG
Max Shevchenko – Technical Support
Scott Smith – Goods Out