How to Sell My Used Cisco

When it comes to choosing networking equipment, Cisco Systems remains the No 1 choice for routing switching and network security. The California, American based company is well-known for the durability, reliability and security of their networking devices. These reasons may account for why corporate companies almost always opt for Cisco; however, the list of advantages does not end here.

There are several factors that contribute towards the success of a Hardware vendor, which no doubt includes the above, mentioned factors and the resale value of the equipment also matter. Throwing away older redundant and surplus equipment is no longer a consideration for IT managers and hardware owners who now integrate environmental responsibility with sustainability underpinned by Data Security during the End of Life process. Enterprise or even household items are upgraded and refreshed on regularly, some companies tend to “sweat” their hardware for longer, others with regulatory compliance and requiring resilient and robust networks tend to refresh within a specified time period. The resale of genuine used Cisco Equipment to the secondary markets can be made very easy due to the residual reuse value and the ease it provides its owners when it comes to their resale. We have put this article together to help to run you through the process of selling your used Cisco equipment.

Before you sell

Whether you are running a big enterprise or using Cisco’s equipment at your home you must ensure that all client, customised data is correctly and properly erased before you even make up your mind for selling the hardware. If you own a server, router, switch or conferencing equipment, you must ensure that all passwords, VLANS, client configurations are all erased and then cross-check again for customised information before you sell

Our company provides a compliant Data erasure service by our Cisco trained engineers. We will always process all equipment with an erasure step by step protocol and provide you the logs as proof. So even if you have done this yourself, when we buy from you, we will always do a complete erasure and provide you with the logs to prove no VLANs and configurations are left on the units.

Finding a Used Cisco Buyer

The first step when selling your used Cisco equipment, you need to find a buyer. Now this may not sound like a big deal to some, but there are factors that can be a mind twister. Researching the market is the best way to go, never end up selling your equipment on the first offer you get. Getting at least 3 – 4 offers before you sell is the ideal way of assuring that you not only get the best price but also the most compliant service. This way you know you are getting the right amount for your cisco hardware from a registered company, who will assure you that they will meet Data protection and WEEE regulations. Your reputation must never be compromised when selling used IT equipment. You must be assured that your equipment will always be free of any client Data when resold and that it will never end up in embargoed countries or in landfill or illegally shipped outside the EU.

Researching prices of your equipment on the Internet, is a good start. Make a list of reputable companies and head down to their websites. Try to look for the prices of used equipment and the seller’s comments on their equipment and service. This way you get a good idea of the current worth of your equipment and varying services.

Next step in the process is to make sure you are looking at reputable companies, this is important. It takes a long time for companies to get a good reputation in the market and no one is willing to put their reputation to waste over one sale. Don’t be alarmed if reputable companies ask you to provide ID and take address and vehicle details and get you to sign some transfer of ownership. Reputable companies like ours will always want to make sure that we are buying genuine Cisco form within the EU and not stolen. Our reputation is more important than a few deals.
Make sure you go through the reviews they have got and also the facilities they offer. Most of the companies offer a facility to pick the equipment with their own vehicles or couriers. They will normally want to test the equipment before payment. This is why it is important to find a registered company with warehousing facilities, not a garage or off the motorway. Making these decision after due diligence will help you save money and time but more importantly your own reputation.

Our steps when buying your used Cisco equipment

  1. You provide a draft inventory and we provide you an agreed cisco buyback value.
  2. We can collect or you drop off the equipment.
  3. When you drop off, you will need to show proof of ID and sign a transfer document.
  4. Our trained Cisco technicians will create a complete inventory by make, model and serial number.
  5. All equipment is then tested, every port checked, reset to factory default, all configurations and VLAN’s permanently deleted.
  6. Inventory sent to the supplier and final buyback prices agreed.
  7. Payment by cash, paypal or bank transfer.
  8. You also receive an inventory, WEEE Waste transfer note if applicable and the show log for each devices as proof with certification of sanitisation.

By Darrel Arjoon – Managing Director at Reuse Technology Group Ltd