IT WEEE Asset Disposal Collection in London, UK

Reuse IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Service Recycling WEEE in London

Reuse Technology Group delivers a London IT Recycling and IT Lifecycle services with zero to landfill. We are certified with ISO 14001 and 9001 ensuring management and environmental standards and requirements are met, as well as data protection laws adhered to whilst processing your IT Collection, inventory management, data erasure with CESG approved software and recycling. Our IT asset disposal services are available to all companies in the city of London and Canary Wharf. Our seamless environmental sustainability model combined with Data Protection principles, ensuring that you receive a compliant solution with complete traceability. Our systems already adhere to EU GDPR and WEEE regulation as part of our data destruction, IT disposal and recycling process.

Management of IT Asset Disposal and Recycling

If your organisation requires disposal of your IT equipment, Reuse can provide you with a reliable and high quality ITAD and recycling services. Our Data processor and ITAD services will allow you and your IT team to concentrate on your daily operations of your organization and perform your job while we take care of the disposal and compliance side of disposal. Our disposal process, provides an easy, simple straight forward and secure IT disposal process ensuring your requirements are met with minimum disruption to your operations or daily organisational tasks.

Collection and transport

We will send our own security cleared, staff using tracked vehicles for safe and secure dedicated IT collections. The equipment can be removed from branch offices, warehouse, any central location and data centres. The key priority is to ensure the convenience with minimal disruption to you, without compromising on quality, value for money, compliance and environmental sustainability.

Receiving the assets

Once your IT asset reaches our secure facility, the consignment will be signed over to our good in team under CCTV cameras in a secure location. Each asset is scanned in by make model and serial number under one unique job number as the consignment is prepared to be processed.

Data Erasure Process

Protecting client data remains paramount. Hence, all storage media and any equipment, which can hold client customised configurations, be it HDD, SSD Mobile phones, networking equipment, will all be processed according to our data capability statement, agreed with you the client before starting the project. All HDD will be wiped with CESG approved software, unless agreed otherwise. All client tags and labels will be removed. All IP configurations and VLAN’s will be deleted and reset to factory default. Our solution guarantees that no equipment will leave our site unless it have been completely sanitised of all user data.

Testing and grading

The IT assets are then tested for functionality and fitness for purpose. Their operations are checked and cosmetic appearance graded accordingly. All faults, defects and cosmetic issues for each IT asset, will be recorded and the audit report updated. The market resale value will be determined by current (FVM) Fair market Value. Ultimately, all recorded information will help determine downstream flow. Reuse through resale or e-waste recycling of your IT assets via downstream materials recyclers.

Generation of reports

A complete audit trail of disposed assets is generated in a report that includes all serial numbers of each of the items along with all media that includes routers, switches, hard drives and any other data bearing item collected. The recycling reports will also be generated which will provide you with a complete audit trail of the entire e- waste recycling process, none of the disposed items were sent to the landfill.

Resale of working assets

After determining the fair market value and refurbishment of the IT assets, they are taken to the secondary market for re-marketing. Hence promoting Reuse through a Circular Economy business model.

E-Waste recycling and dismantling the remaining assets

Any item not fit for purpose or does not have a commercially sustainable resale value, will then be dismantled for parts to be reused or broken down to material categories and send to downstream recyclers for granulation and extraction of materials to be used again in the same sector or another manufacturing sector. We have a zero to landfill policy and will make sure that none of our e-waste will be sent to landfill.

Please contact us for more information about how our complete IT Lifecycle ITAD solution can help your business and IT department.