About Reuse Technology Group

Our company is one of the UK’s leading buyers and sellers of Refurbished Cisco equipment

Reuse Technology Group are one of the largest buyers and sellers of Used CISCO equipment in Europe. Based only 30 minutes from the City of London and major financial institutions and Data Centres in the city, we have established ourselves in a competitive market and have quickly become one of the most reliable and trusted resellers in the refurbished Cisco networking and IT Storage sector.

Our aim is to help IT Solutions Providers and end users procure high quality refurbished IT equipment at cost effective rates. Whether you are buying or selling your CISCO equipment we can help. We are professional yet remain friendly, efficient and reliable.

Why choose us?

Our company is a knowledgeable, reliable and trusted resource which sells and buys all types of high quality IT equipment that include a wide variety of security systems, switches, storage devices routers and specifically CISCO equipment. We are a rapidly growing reseller of refurbished Cisco tending to be the best choice if you wish to buy or sell used Cisco equipment. We can sell you your required items at the best rates that cannot be matched elsewhere. While buying from our company, you will receive a significant discount and enjoy the best rates as compared to any other Cisco retailer or reseller.

Our aim is to practice excellence, mutual respect, customer relation, honesty and loyalty. We are passionate about the latest technology and are committed towards our customers. We take pride in accepting challenges and work tirelessly on finding solutions to our customers problems within the IT refurbished space.

We have extensive knowledge of the used Cisco marketplace, which enables us to buy and refurbish Cisco Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewalls and much more. By selling these refurbished units back into the market, we are effectively extending the lifespan.

Through our international customer and supplier base we are able to buy and sell almost any Cisco Systems item, even ones that are usually classed as legacy. We have developed 3 key areas to our business, using Cisco Systems as the basis of our offerings.