IT Circular Economy Business Support in London, UK

Unlocking the Circular Economy with Single Window Technology

The Circular Economy thinking is no longer a concept or model for exploration but now widely accepted as integral to building smarter and sustainable urban societies.

It has new been embedded as part of societal change and global policy development at EU and national level. We are no longer considering the question of if there are benefits of what is now accepted as definitive benefits of creating circular economies within supply chains and sustainable waste management programmes.

These benefits such as creating a new service sector, new jobs, natural resource management, economic growth, and improving environmental impact to name a few are now widely accepted and indisputable.

Instead we at Reuse would like to propose a few challenges to unlocking the full potential of a Circular Economy, state the key issue and suggest a model for unlocking its potential in the IT Disposition space and then its potential as a transferable model to other waste streams.

Our Circular Economy business model is built at micro level scale for SME’s within the IT Asset Disposal space, however it is a scalable model, which uses Single Window technology to optimise Logistics with reduce cost, increase overall reuse and reclamation of materials and parts for Reuse and create jobs and new services for the sector.

To find our more about Circular Economy using Single Window Technology email Darrel Arjoon – Managing Director or Tel: 01708 558 297

How the Circular Economy Works – Videos