Reuse Instead of Shredding HDD with Secure CESG Data Erasure

Some organisations choose not to securely erase hard drives, but to shred them instead

Whilst we always try to avoid this option, we realise that in the modern World, some data is simply so sensitive that shredding is the only option that gives complete peace of mind.

We offer a data shredding service that will shred hard drives down to 16mm particles using a certified shredding machine. We will provide reporting and destruction certificates to support this.

The cost is dependant on many factors; so if you would like to know more about this service, click here

Being a business that firmly believes in reusing as much IT equipment as possible and reducing recycling as much as possible, we would always favour Secure Data Erasure using CESG approved software, over shredding.

It’s kinder to the environment, plus it can generate some revenue that we will share with your company.

We ask our clients to give consideration to this option, as for almost every business and organisation in the UK, CESG approved erasure is a more than sufficient way of eliminating data from hard drives…permanently.

For more information on data destruction click here