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IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is an ever growing problem for UK businesses, with legislation getting tighter and tighter

Until now most companies have only been interested in cost… Finding the cheapest way of disposal for their end of life IT equipment.

What’s commonly not talked about is the data (information) that may still be on those units, whether that be data stored on hard drives, IP Configs on routers, even telephone numbers stored in fax machines. This data is protected under the Data Protection Act and you have an obligation as a business to make sure it is handled in the right manner.

So going back to the point above, companies usually look for the lowest cost option, to hand over their most valuable data. You can already see the problem here!

With current trends in the sector, businesses that are at the cutting edge of IT Asset Disposal are now using the term ‘Information Assurance’.

The difference between a traditional ITAD company and Information Assurance companies like Reuse, is that our primary interest is your data, not the hardware itself.

The hardware could well be end of life, but how about the data within it? Have you considered the value of that data? Do you know if the ITAD you are choosing securely erases hard drives with CPA and US DOD 5220.22-M approved software? Are you just thinking about the value of the metal box and not what’s inside it?

These are the type of questions we suggest you to ask yourself when considering a company to use for IT Asset Disposal.

Where is your hardware going to end up and what data will still be on it?

We understand the challenges companies face when regulation is so unclear and confusing. We take that worry from you and let you concentrate on your core business, not the complex world of IT Disposal.

The computer systems that we use have been written solely for the used IT sector. We fully asset track each unit from point of collection to point of sale or commoditising.

All hard drives are securely wiped (sanitised) using CPA approved software (click here for more information on CESG approved software).

Clients can log into their own account via an Internet portal and access the progress of their collection. Any sales of remarketed IT equipment are shown along with sales margin and revenue share. It is a fully transparent system.

We are also a Certified member of ADISA, who is rapidly becoming the voice of Information Assurance regulation in the UK.

We firmly believe that the way businesses look at IT disposal is changing, and we fully intend on leading that change.

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