A proud Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance member

Reuse Technology Group is the first ADISA certified member with specialist expertise in processing and remarketing Cisco networking equipment

Reuse aim to demonstrate a measurable impact on moving towards a Circular economy through industrial symbiosis mainly within the ICT Sector.

Our business model is integrated within the Digital Eco-system focussing on products at the end of life stage of the Digital Eco-system lifecycle, mainly looking to increase Re-use of whole units which are “Fit for Purpose” or components for parts and then processing waste to extract materials to be used as a resource back at the beginning of the manufacturing stage.

Reuse’s business processes and technology can Quantifiably demonstrate increased volume of ICT waste from SME’s and corporates, which can be reused to become a resource rather than go into landfill and will make a significant contribution to the calls towards a Near Zero Society and a Circular.

Visit ADISA website to learn more about their work an standards for the industry, https://adisa.global/company/reuse_technology_group/