Use a Microsoft Refurbisher for your End Of Life PC’s Laptops

Are you looking to dispose of desktops and laptops?

Reuse Technology Group is a Registered Microsoft® refurbisher. This means we buy Windows operating systems directly from Microsoft® for use on used computers and laptops. If you are a company looking to dispose of your current desktops or laptops, then Microsoft® have prepared a fact sheet for you to consider before choosing which company you will decide to work with.

Consideration should be given to a number of factors, such as the integrity of the company as well as what software they use to securely data wipe the hard drives.

We are a fully certified member of ADISA; the industry standard for IT Asset Disposal (ITAD). We also hold ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

Our company’s processes have been thoroughly reviewed to make sure they meet stringent requirements. These include the physical security of our premises, the processes that we follow from goods-in to goods-out and also the software we use to securely data wipe the hard drives found in desktops or laptops that we collect as part of an ITAD job.

You can have complete peace of mind when choosing us as your ITAD partner.

Looking to buy used desktops and laptops

If you are looking for ways that your business can enjoy the benefits of owning computers that fit within your budget, consider refurbished desktops and laptops from Reuse Technology Group, a Microsoft® Registered Refurbisher.

A refurbished computer purchased through a Microsoft® Registered Refurbisher gives you an affordable system that is preinstalled with genuine Microsoft® operating software.

With a refurbished computer you can:

  • Immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of used computers throughout your business without breaking the bank.
  • Stretch your budget and expand the number of computers you can buy.
  • Have the confidence of knowing that your computer has been professionally refurbished, wiped of all of the previous owner’s data, repaired, tested, and then preinstalled with genuine Microsoft® software.
  • Our refurbished computers come preinstalled with genuine Microsoft® software, giving you the confidence of having a system that helps you:
  • Keep your computer running smoothly, because genuine Microsoft® software gives you access to important downloads, updates and enhanced features, which illegal software doesn’t.
  • Protect your systems from the dangers of counterfeit software that can expose users to security risks, including viruses and spyware.

Registered Microsoft® Resellers

All Microsoft® Registered Refurbishers go through a thorough application process with Microsoft®.

Before granting the status of Microsoft® Registered Refurbisher, Microsoft® reviews and confirms the validity of each application and requires that Microsoft® registered refurbishers submit regular reports and undergo audits. If you have old desktops or laptops that you wish to disposal of, please contact us, click here