Business Case for Refurbished IT Hardware

Many large businesses are being forced to upgrade their IT Infrastructure due to their current hardware becoming End of Life and no longer supported by the manufacturer. To mitigate the risk of not being able to find break fix hardware replacement, they choose to refresh with new and very expensive hardware.

What if those IT Managers and Directors could mitigate the risk, whilst reducing cost and remove the drivers which force them tor refresh when they don’t yet need to. Giving them more control, to plan their refresh at a time of their choosing which fits in with their strategic plans.

This is exactly what IT Director Robert Julian of a large Investment Bank did. He decided to keep his IT infrastructure going longer, enabling him to refresh his network as part of a longer term refresh project.

He chose Reuse Technology Group as their provider of refurbished hardware, which was no longer supplied by the manufacturer. As his supplier, we were able to give 1 Year warranty and do a 3 hour replacement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We would hold an agreed quantity of each model of hardware on our inventory ready to deploy for our client.

The cost to Robert was 75% less than new and there was no cost of engineering time doing a refresh which did not fit in with the longer term IT Dept strategic plan.

Why would you not choose refurbished if new is not essential. Same quality if not better, 3 hour replacement if you are used in the city of London. Better warranty and no risk of manufacturer end of life supply becoming difficult to source. It is a “no brainer”

Lets have a conversation about lowering the cost of your IT Infrastructure.